PARENT ACADEMIES TO MEET YOUR NEEDS: Quality, innovative, custom designed, and affordable.

Technology and Professional Development Academy

Technology Academy for Parents

  •  We utilize a hands-on Project Based Learning approach designed to help parents gain the technical skills necessary to better communicate with school personnel and to assist their children with school work. 
  • Innovative curriculum designed to teach parents 21 Century skills necessary to help their children succeed in school and in life.
  • A parent education program aligned with what students are learning in school. 
  • Parents love our workshops!

Parent Involvement Academy

STEAM and Technology Academy


A flexible and custom-designed parent education program.  

Over 100 parent education workshop topics available to meet your needs. 

  • Emotional, Social and Physical Behavior  
  • 21 Century Skills
  • Academics
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Social Media 
  • Court approved classes 
  • Much more!

Available in English and Spanish.

Language Development for English Learners Academy

Language Development for English Learners

Conversational English with Academy Focus. 

  • An interactive, stimulating and innovative learning system designed to help parents gain the language skills necessary to better communicate with school personnel and their children. 
  • We used the input from parents, English teachers and professionals to develop a methodology that is effective and fun. 



College Bound and Career Awareness Academy

College Bound and Career Awareness

  • A custom-designed and content-rich parent education program specific to your school needs.   
  • No cookie cutter program is used.  
  • Our College Bound and Career Awareness education program was designed in California for California families.   Our team of dedicated experts worked diligently to design a program that is easy to understand, updated to the latest Common Core State Standards and using the most effective delivery methods to help parents understand and help their children successfully prepare for higher education.  
  •  Our hands-on program goes beyond the PowerPoint presentation, we teach parents the "how to" so they can truly help their children plan and graduate from college/university.

Special thanks to our advisory team of educators, college counselors and parents who contributed with their real life experience, and willingly dedicated hundreds of hours  to make sure our College Bound and Career Awareness program is of the highest quality. 


Literacy and Reading for Success Academy

Literacy and Reading for Success Academy

  • Available for parents with children in K-5.  
  • Helping parents develop the love for reading in their children. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Academy

Parent STEAM Academy


  • 10 sessions curriculum helps educate parents on the importance of math and science.    
  • A comprehensive Project-Based Learning approach for parents to learn about STEAM.   
  • Parents learn how to help their children  develop 21 Century skills. 
  • As parents design their projects, they are using Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. 
  • "No spaghetti and mush mellows allowed."  Our STEAM program is a content-rich program; we teach parents about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
  • Our goal is for parents to really learn how to help their children be college and career ready. 

To schedule our workshops is easy.

We are taking reservations for the Fall Semester 2019 and Spring 2020.                      


Experience the Difference:

We are passionate about providing a quality program that is affordable and custom-designed to meet your needs.   

Since 2006, thousands of families in California have benefited from our parent education programs.   

Parents love our workshops!   Over 95% of the schools we serve ask us to return the following semester with our workshops.   We offer continuity of parent engagement.

Make the most out of your budget!  Before you spend your entire budget on 6-7 workshops, give us an opportunity to show you how we can serve the parents at your school.   We never charge per attendee.   We love teaching parents!

Get more quality workshops for less $.   With our variety of workshop topics, the parents at your school will benefit from receiving more valuable information on topics of importance to their families.   

We provide a turn-key parent education solution:  Let us know your priorities and workshop topics you would like for us to present,  and we do the rest!   Why should you have to do the work when you are paying for a service?

Our team of instructors reflect the ethnicity, language, and culture of the families served.  

Our organization Success Factors Plus+:

  • Flexibility:  We offer you the flexibility of scheduling one or as many workshops as you need.    We do not have minimum attendance requirements. 
  • No cookie cutter.   We listen to your needs and expectations.  Every community is different; every school has different needs.   
  • Budget friendly:  We never charge per parent/attendee.  No need to purchase expensive annual memberships or licenses.
  • An innovative parent education program designed in California by experts in the field of parent education, including parents, teachers and professionals. 
  • Qualified instructors who care.  Our dynamic team of instructors and facilitators  with over 20 years of experience are committed to providing the best parent education.  Many of our instructors are teachers, college professors, professionals and licensed/certified parent educators dedicated to quality education.   We hire only the best instructors based on their credentials, attitude and previous teaching experience.   We are very selective on who we hire.   Our instructors are required to pass a criminal background check.   
  • No fillers:  Every workshop is a content-rich workshop experience.  We respect and value the parents' time very much.  
  • Our comprehensive program has been designed to help parents become well informed and for them to learn "how to" help their children succeed in school and in life. 
  • Parent outreach is included as part of our services.   We are committed to helping schools increase parent participation.  We assist the school by contacting and inviting the parents to attend the workshops.  The parents at your school are our priority!
  • Confidentiality is very important to us.  Our team of well-trained outreach coordinators, contact the parents from our office location using dedicated phones.   (Important:  We never provide the parent contact information to "recruiters" to make calls from their cell or home phones. )
  • The forum with the Principal is provided at no cost to the school.
  • The parent-graduation ceremony is provided at no cost to the school.
  • Refreshments are provided during the graduation ceremony at no cost to the school!
  • We provide the instructional materials required by parents during our workshops!

You can trust us to provide the highest quality parent education program for your school because we care!   



Parent and Families

Our Commitment to Quality Parent Education

Teaching families and making a difference in the community is our passion.   Our workshops are presented at many schools and parent centers in California. 

We follow the Joyce Epstein’s “Six Types of Parent Involvement” framework of parent education.

The benefits that can be achieved through the creation of a partnership between schools, families and community organizations “…helps all youngsters succeed in school and in later life.” 

During our parent workshops, we use activities that are culturally relevant to develop parent leadership.  The PEBSAF program is flexible and adaptable to fit the school priorities and needs. 

Our dynamic team of instructors and professionals reflect the ethnicity, language, and culture of the families served.  

Parent Workshops

Building Capacity Through Parent Education

  • Quality and engaging parent workshops
  • Research-based curriculum
  • Project-based learning
  • Cooperative and relationship building environment 
  • Effective Technology Learning System (TM)
  • Focus on 21st Century skills for success
  • We provide a turn-key parent education program
  • A unique and custom-designed program tailored to meet your needs
  • Let us know your parent education needs; we provide the solutions!

English Classes for English Learners

Parent Success Factors

Innovative Parent Education Academies 


Parent workshops designed to support the academic, social and emotional needs of the families.

  • Social, Emotional and Physical Development
  • Blueprint for Academic Success in the 21st Century
  • STEAM Academy:  Beyond the fun of STEAM
  • STEAM Academy:  Coding and Robotics
  • Technology Academy:  Fundamentals
  • Technology Academy:  Professional Development
  • University Bound and Career Awareness
  • Language Development Skills for English Learners (EL):  Interactive Conversational English 
  • Let's Read and Learn Together:  A literacy program for mothers and fathers with children in K-5

We offer a great learning experience for families and 

a great value for schools.   

Schools appreciate the flexibility and affordability of our workshops!


PEBSAF Parent Involvement Academy

Parent Workshops

Parent Education Bridge for Student Achievement Foundation

Helping families have a brighter future by empowering parents with quality parent education and community resources

Quality Parent Education

Parent Education Workshops


  • A.M.  and P.M.  Sessions
  • Available all-year-round
  • Available Monday-Saturday
  • Graduation ceremony included (FREE)
  • Innovative parent education
  • Affordable parent education workshops
  • Budget  Friendly and Flexible
  • Available in Spanish and English
  • No minimum attendance required
  •  We assist the school with Outreach
  • Qualified instructors and facilitators
  • Research-based quality parent workshops

Parent Graduation Ceremony

Parent Education

We recognize parents 

for their achievements and commitment to education.   

We also acknowledge and recognize the school personnel 

for their efforts and commitment to 

parent  and family engagement. 

 PEBSAF has a high workshop attendance retention rate.   

Over 85+ percent of the parents 

who attend one or more session 

will complete our entire parent education program. 

Parental Involvement

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