Let us know how we can be of service

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We look forward to serving you and the wonderful parents at your school.

Step 1: The school invite us to present our workshops.


Upon receiving your request for our workshops, we will contact you and schedule a meeting with you to identify your school specific needs. 

Step 2: Right away, we go to work for you!


We will then design a custom-designed curriculum based on your requirements and budget.   

Whether you need one, five or twenty parent workshop sessions, we are ready to deliver.     We will provide you with the necessary paperwork.   Scheduling our workshops is very easy. 

A team of professionals and instructor(s) will be assigned to your project to make sure it is a total success.    

We will be there with you every step of the way from planning to the parent graduation ceremony and beyond to support your school.

Step 3: We provide a turn-key quality parent education solution.


Our workshops include parent outreach.

Our friendly and courteous outreach coordinators will help you contact the parents to invite them to the workshops.  All calls are made from our office. 

We respect your time and the parents' time.  Every workshop session is a content-rich parent education experience where parents learn.   From session one to the last session, parents will learn techniques and strategies to help their children thrive in school and in life.

During the graduation ceremony we make the parents feel special and recognize them  for their commitment to education.