online Education for families and Computers Students most i

Your donation will make a difference:

We need your support to help families and students most in need.  

Thousands of families and students throughout Southern California do not have access to the Internet or a computer device to do their schoolwork from home.     Many families lack the basic knowledge to use technology. 

Together, we can make a difference by supporting disadvantaged families and students most in need who do not have the tools to effectively continue learning from home.

Your donations will:

1) Provide computer devices and Internet access to families/students in most need so they can do their schoolwork at home and interact with their teachers. 

2) Provide Online Family Education on topics such as:
      Domestic Violence
      Anxiety and Stress
      How to effectively communicate with the children
      How to use technology and many other topics of importance to families

This is our time to demonstrate how much we care by supporting families and students most in need! 
No matter how small your donation may be, it will make a difference for a family in need. 

Our team of experienced instructors is ready to support our community!  

Thank you in advance for your contribution and support.